Welcome to Riderunner App

Interface shown varied, depends on your chosen language


In Dashboard of tasker app, you can change your status either Online offline on top right button. You can it anytime depends on your availability. 

Your credit value also shown nearby top button. press “+” sign to reload your credit and RRwallet.

Failure of turning on online maybe due to your expired document ( driving licence, insurance, road-tax,etc). An alert will be shown informing you, if you facing this issue, please contact our administrator to update your registration document

Riderunner is E-hailing & P-hailing Application

Interface shown varied, depends on your chosen language

Receiving order

When you are online, you can receive orders pop-up from client. Fare/price will be shown

The top location is the location of the client and below is the destination of the order.

Please respond of the order at the bottom of the order pop-up ( accept or reject)

P-hailing Order Completion

Interface shown varied, depends on your chosen language

Delivery receipt

When you already delivered the parcel of the order, you need to fill in delivery reciept which is necessary to have signature of the receiver and picture of finished delivery.


RRgo Code

RRgo is a feature for client to choose their own tasker for their orders (E-hailing & P-hailing). To use this functionality, you just click RRgo button to show your tasker RRgo code. If client use the code , any orders will requested to you.

Every tasker has unique RRgo Code, Make sure you are online to receiver order.


Changing your account info like phone number, profile pic, emel, etc? just fill in from using website below: